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Compacta Bromeliad


Compacta Bromeliad


Neoregelia ‘Compacta’ Bromeliad: A stunning, compact bromeliad with bright green leaves that display vivid red or purple highlights in bright light. Perfect for adding a tropical touch to desks or small indoor spaces, this plant thrives with minimal care.

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Neoregelia ‘Compacta’ Bromeliad

Common Name(s): Compacta Bromeliad

Scientific Name: Neoregelia ‘Compacta’

  • Description: Neoregelia ‘Compacta’ is a tropical plant that is a vibrant bromeliad with a compact growth habit, featuring broad, flat leaves in a stunning rosette pattern. The leaves are bright green with a glossy finish and often display beautiful red or purple hues near the center when exposed to bright light.
  • Bloom Time: Rarely blooms indoors, but when it does, it produces a small, inconspicuous flower within the central cup.

Requirements & Care:

  • Sunlight Requirements: Prefers bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, while too little light can diminish the leaf colors.
  • Water Requirements: Moderate; water should be added to the central cup, and the soil should be kept slightly moist but not waterlogged.
  • Soil Requirements: Requires well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. A standard orchid mix or a mix designed for epiphytes works well.
  • Hardiness Zones: Best suited for indoor environments but can be grown outdoors in USDA zones 10-11.
  • Special Care Instructions: Avoid letting water sit in the central cup during cold temperatures to prevent rot. Fertilize monthly during the growing season with a diluted liquid fertilizer.

Additional Information:

  • Benefits/Uses: Its compact size and colorful foliage make it ideal for desktops, terrariums, or as part of a mixed container. Adds a tropical flair to any indoor setting.

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