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Great Fall Gardening Tips

Great Fall Gardening Tips

Prepare Your Garden for Cold Weather

Prepare your garden now for strong growing season next spring with these fall gardening tips. You’ll be organized and ready to go when the weather warms up.

Fall Care for Vegetable Gardens

How do I take Care of my Vegetable Garden this Fall?

Remove all plant matter from your garden soil in order to mitigate pests and diseases. Till the soil with care. This will help reduce weeds. If your soil has tested low in pH levels, this is the time to apply lime. Waiting for spring won’t help next season’s vegetable crop.

Mulching Leaves will Protect Soil

Mulched leaves will protect the soil from Wisconsin’s tough winters, and they’ll also keep it moist and cool in the summer. Mulching also helps to prevent erosion and weed growth.

Fall Care for Perennial Beds

How do I Take Care of my Perennial Beds this Fall?

Things have changed. More and more gardeners are leaving dead plants, flowers and seed heads until spring. These provide shelter and food sources for wildlife like birds, bees, insects and ground dwelling animals.  If you aren’t going to mulch your perennial beds, do not remove spent plants. Perennial root structures need protection.

Fall Care for Trees and Shrubs

Fall is a great time to Fertilize, Prune and Mulch

Deep root fertilizing encourages growth and spread of root structures.  You’ll also want to prune as the temperatures drop and sap flow slow and/or stops.

Slow Down Watering Trees and Shrubs in Early Fall

Slowing how often and how much you water your trees and shrubs in early fall will send a signal that winter is coming, which will slow new growth.

More Fall Garden Tips & Tasks

Take these steps and you’ll be ready for spring

  • Remove tomato cages
  • Remove trellises and other structures
  • Disconnect, drain and store hoses
  • Give compost barrels and bins a good turn
  • Apply compost manure to give your soil the nitrogen and other nutrients it will need next spring
  • Clean, sharpen and store your gardening tools

About Thomas Greenhouse & Gardens

We grow our plants and flowers in our greenhouse. Our garden experts tend to them from seed to bloom with love and care. That means that our plants are strong, healthy and ready to be planted in your garden. We are the best choice for plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Thomas Greenhouse & Garden Center is in Mukwonago near Burlington, Lake Geneva, Racine, Waukesha and Milwaukee.

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